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New Candle Company...

Introducing Brandons Candles

Started in 2014 by Brandon Bechtel, Brandon’s Candles, LLC is a small family based candle making business located in Telford, Pennsylvania. As a 17-year-old homeschooled high school student, Brandon manages the business with help from family and employees. With humble beginnings, it was started in his basement when Brandon was 13. Upon creating a product and a business plan, he started with creating a webpage and then going door to door to boutique shops in his local community. It took time and hard work to grow. Community events, craft shows, and online retail channels were all pursued. At community events, we built a name and a brand in our community. Online, we established our website along with a strong presence on Amazon.

We aren’t interested in cutting corners and we aren’t interested in sacrificing the quality of our product. Using the highest quality soy wax available on the market has given us the quality product being offered today. Throughout growth, the commitment to a hand poured soy candle has never faltered. Our candles are made from 100% soy wax – using soybeans grown in the USA. Each candle is wicked and poured by hand. We are proud to say that each candle will always be hand poured and carefully crafted throughout the entire process. This commitment, along with using the best candle making supplies available, allows for our products to consistently receive amazing feedback.