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Latest in Prom Trends

Prom Season will be just around the corner

Father/Daughter Dance

Miniature pink rose wristlets and boutonniere with jewel accents.
Miniature red roses with white hyacinth accents on a pearl wristlet
Miniature hot pink roses with jewel accents on pearl wristlet and on boutonniere.
Hot pink miniature roses with gem accents on a pearl wristlet.
Miniature cream roses with gold aluminum wire curl accents on both the wristlet and boutonniere.
Miniature white roses with hyacinth accents on both the boutonniere and wristlet.
Miniature cream with peach center roses and miniature coral roses on a sparkly wristlet.
Miniature white roses with white hyacinth  and plum button accents on wristlet and boutonniere.
Floral Crown; cream gerber daisies with white hyacinth & plum button accents.
Floral Crown - detail
Floral Crown; orange and peach gerber daisies, carnations, alstromeria and turquoise cushions.
Floral Crown - detail

High Voltage Collection

High Voltage Blue
High Voltage Cotton Candy
High Voltage Green Apple
High Voltage Lavender
High Voltage Turquoise
Galaxy Tangerine
Galaxy Tangerine
Galaxy Rose
Galaxy Cobalt
Galaxy Green Apple
Galaxy Hot Pink
Galaxy Midnight

Geoflash Collection

Geoflash Turquoise
Geoflash Midnight
Geoflash Rose

Geoflash Hot Pink

Geoflash Violet

Avery Style Keepsake Bracelets

Avery Style - Cotton Candy
Avery Style - Cotton Candy
Sky Blue

Select a bracelet style, some bling, and some beautiful blossoms...and voi-la!

Diva, Duchess, Isabella & Classic Style Bracelets

Diva Dazzle
Cotton Candy

Duchess Midnight

Isabelle Hot Pink
Classic Licorice

Jasmine & Vogue Collections

Jasmine Sterling
Jasmine Sterling
Jasmine Midnight
Jasmine Gold
Vogue Dazzle
Vogue Midnight
Vogue Sterling

Potpourri Style Bracelet Collection

Potpourri - Lemon
Potpourri - Lemon
Pink Rose
Pink Passion

Gypsy Style Keepsake Bracelet

Gypsy - Caramel
Gypsy - Caramel
Cotton Candy
Green Apple
Sugar Plum

Bracelet Styles with Extra Bling

Eye Candy Dazzle (Works both as a bracelet or armband)
Rockstar Dazzle
Sarina Sterling
Sarina Midnight
Pink Rose
Dancing Butterfly