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Inspirational Items

Hints of Spring

Hanging inspirational canvases.
Hanging inspirational canvases.
3-Dimensional metal hanging flowers in golden yellow or turquoise.
Rain or Shine these birds are ready...
Adorable pastel clad birds with matching umbrellas.
Frogs in polka-dot galoshes with matching umbrellas.
Dragonfly, Hummingbird & Butterfly nightlights.

Garden Angels

Variety of beautiful garden angels with flowers & birds.
Garden angels with flowers & birds in a medium size.
Teachers are Angels in Disguise.
Friends are Angels here on Earth.
Nurses are Angels in Disguise.
Daughter, You're an Angel to Me.
Sister, You're an Angel to Me.
Mom, You're an Angel to Me.
Grandma, You're an Angel to Me.
Most Faithful Angel (Dog & Cat Versions), You're an Angel to Me, and Most Courageous Angel.
Cat & Dog Angels
The Arms of an Angel Pet Memorial (Cat).
The Arms of an Angel Pet Memorial (Dog).
Mini Angel Collection
Faith, Hope, Peace & Love Angels

How your garden Grows...

Hanging wind chimes.
Hanging wind chimes.
Silhouette of a Young Girl reading.

Silhouette of a Young Boy reading.

Memorial plaques for your garden.
Hanging crosses with chime in a variety of styles.

St. Francis garden statue that holds bird seed.