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Christmas Charm

Rustic Charm Ornaments

Farmer's Favorite Tractor Ornaments - selection of 2
Farmer's Favorite Tractor Ornaments - selection of 2
Vintage Look Toy Car & Truck Ornament  - selection of 2 styles.
Burlap Snowmen - selection of 3 scarf colors.
Snowy Globe ornaments - lights up!
Glass Ornaments with Winter Birds - selection of 2 
Charming Glass Night Lights.

Old Fashioned Winter

Old Fashioned Rustic St. Nicholas.
Snowman door knob hangers - selection of 2.
Burlap Dog or Cat Silhouette Christmas Stockings.
Sliding Gnome!
Playful Gnomes.
Shelf sitter Christmas Mice.
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil winter bird set. Also sold separately.
Inspirational Decorative Blocks - several styles available.
Winter White Skates Vase
Snowman Wall Décor - choice of 2.
Fuzzy Owl Décor.